Select HiRes textures (Problem)
Problem: high resolution option not selectable
If you get the issue shown above, you probably don't have the HiRes folder in your Turok2 Directory. Your directory content should look like the image at the right.

You can download a dummy HiRes folder here which doesn't contain any hires textures (hires.agf and hires.txt size 0kb), it's just a dummy to make the High Detail option selectable. - The Dressingroom should then write a new high resolution file for you ;)

if you've setup the HiRes folder, and the option is still not selectable, make sure your Turok2 Directory is NOT read-only.

if it still doesnt work, delete the turok2.ini file and try again.

It should look like the image below then, if you restart the gamelauncher and switch to options :)
Select high detail then! ;)