AGF Compiler Manual (3/3)
Tab: AGF Compiler | Create Texture Part
This allows you to create a selectable texture part in the "Customize" Dialog, at "Select Textures Tab".

Select "Create selectable Texturepart", then choose a *.agf file and specify the Part Group and Part Name.

This means that all textures which are inside of that agf file will be selectable of every other TexturePack, aswell.
For example, if you have put a bunch of textures into a folder and compiled them to a agf file (lets say you got only EndTrail's textures in that agf file), and you create a part file of that, you might select only EndTrails textures of any other TexturePack in Customize Dialog.

This doesn't change anything in the agf file!
The Part file doesn't contain any texture!

The Part file can be found in the DR_DATA/dat/ folder. Filename will be: GROUP-PART_NAME.dat.

Referring to the Screenshot above, it will look like this in the Customize Dialog: