Dressing Room: Manual (3/3)
Tab Options | Compile options
You may select here(1) if a backup file of your old HiRes.agf in your Turok\HiRes folder should be created. If checked, a copy of your HiRes.agf and HiRes.txt will be created if you press Start Game (with Recompile checked).

Specify what to do with missing textures(2)
Selected Parts that aren't available in texture file

To help you understand what i mean, i'll give you a little example: If you try to select Turok's textures (Customize -> characters -> Turok), but the texture file doesn't contain any (or not all) Turok textures, you might specify what happens then:

- Reset the not existing textures to LOW RES textures (Check the force overwrite [default with Low Res textures] checkbox.)

- Use the textures of the base texture pack for the missing textures (Check the force overwrite [with textures of the base texture pack] checkbox, AND automatically the second force overwrite box will be checked too)

- Use the missing textures from any other selected pack, the pack which you've selected last will overwrite the textures from the previous ones, and replace the missing textures (of the part).
So if in the first selected there is 1 texture which is actually missing in the pack where you've selected the part, and in the second selected there is another texture, both will be used to fulfill the texture parts.

Group: Program Options (3)
If you click on "Select Turok Executable", you may change the Turok2.exe which will be started if you click "Start Game".

The "Refresh Texture Pack List" will update your TexturePack list in Tab Selected Textures. You should do this if you add a new texture pack into TexturePacks folder of this program, while it's running.