Dressing Room: Manual (1/3)
Tab: Select Textures | Group: Selected Textures
(1) This List contains the Texture packs which were selected either in the last, or in this session. If they were selected in the last session, and you don't want to make any changes, just click "Start Game"(8) to run your game. Else you have to click the reset Button(2) to make a new Texture Pack selection. Your old setting will be overwritten as soon as you click the Start Game(8) button, with the Recompile Checkbox(2) checked.

If you click on any item of the list, a more detailed information will be displayed at (5).

(2) If you check the "Use original HiRes as base" Checkbox, Acclaim's original Hires textures will be used as base and partly replaced by all other texture packs you've selected, if they contain any same textures.
- The "Recompile" Checkbox must be checked, if you want to apply the changes you made!
- The Remove Button removes the item from the list(1) which is currently selected there.
- The Reset Button removes the complete selection of (1)!

The list will be executed from top to bottom, which means the Textures on top will be partly replaced by the additional textures (which appear below them on the list).
But pay a attention: If you use for example only a characer's texture of a big texture pack, and later one a texture pack as "additional", which contains those character textures, too, the partly selection of the big texture pack will be overwritten!
To make sure that it doesn't happen, you might just deselect those character textures of the additional pack! (with customized selection -> DESELECT option active! check here )

Group: Texture Packs
(3) This list contains all *.agf files which are in the Texture Packs folder of this application.
This Program scans the Directory "TexturePacks" and all subdirectorys for agf files and lists them in the TexturePacks list.
If you have a new Texture Pack, just put it into that folder, and it will be selectable - be sure to give it a unique name (Use the same name for the *.agf and the *.txt file!)

When clicking on a item of that list(3), a information text about that Texture Pack will be displayed at (5), the path to the Texture Pack is displayed in (6), and a Preview Image is displayed(7).

You might now choose how you want to use this texture pack:
There are 2 Checkboxes at (4).
"Use as base": configures the texture pack as "base" - or "additional" - Pack.

3 different ways to use a TexturePack:

- 1 - As BASE Texture pack.
- 2 - As ADDITIONAL Texture pack.
- 3 - Parts of a Texturepack.

"Use as base" - Checkbox
If checked, the TexturePack will be added as BASE TexturePack to the Selected Texture list.
If NOT checked, the TexturePack will be added as ADDITIONAL TexturePack.

!You should only select ONE Base texture pack, because every Texture which appears in a additional Texture Pack (Use as base NOT checked) will overwrite those textures in the Base texture pack!

The Textures which appear in the last selected TexturePack will overwrite the Textures in the other selected Texture packs (if they're the same).

"Customize": allows you to select parts of the texture pack. If this Box is checked, and you click the "Select" Button, another window will show up first, allowing you to select or deselect only Parts of the Texturepack. (Check here )

If you've checked a checkbox (or not), click on the "Select" Button (4) (it's capture changes depending on what checkboxes you clicked), and the selected Texture Pack will be added to the List(1).

Group: Information
The Text(5) contains either information about the texturepack, if a pack(3) is selected, or information about the currently selected packs, if a pack(1) is selected.
Preview Image
The image(7) shows a preview for the currently selected pack(3), with the two arrows(7) you might step through different preview images for the pack(if more than one is given)
Start Game (8)
When clicking this button for the first time, you'll be asked to select your Turok2MP.exe file. Select your Turok2 executable file then in your Turok folder. After that, click the Start Game button again, and a new HiRes.agf file will be compiled to the HiRes folder of your Turok2 Directory (if "Recompile"(2) is checked). Your old HiRes.agf will be overwritten then.

After that, this application closes and your game starts, ready to play!

If your game isn't yet configured to use HiRes textures, this application automatically configures it.

If the ingame textures are NOT high resolution, make sure it's configured like this in the game launcher options.