AGF Compiler Manual (2/3)
Edit Images | format
Turok accepts GIF Graphics with these settings:

  • Image size (width / height) which can be divided through 32. (For example: 256x256, 128x256, 256x32, 64x64 ...)
  • Maximum width: 256
  • Maximum height: 256
  • Minimum width: 32
  • Minimum height: 32
  • NO animated gifs!
  • NO transparent gifs!
  • NO comment in gif! (some programs allow you to put a comment into file properties)
  • I recommend you to save it "normal", not interlaced because sometimes it looks a bit weird
  • Only gifs with a global color table are accepted. If the packer gives you that error, please try out another program to save the gif.
  • You don't have to keep the image size as it was originally. If the original image was 64x64, you may replace it with a 256x256 Image, this gives you a better resolution ingame!
  • Make sure you don't change the FileName of the GIF, else the compiler doesn't accept it! (Don't add new files, just edit the existing images, or make sure you take the same filename if you replace it)
  • If you edited a existing picture, and the colors seem to be completely wrong, please just make a new picture and overwrite the existing file in the extracted pictures folder then!

Programs to edit the GIFs

  • Use any "advanced" graphic program to edit the pictures, please.
  • Paint is NOT good (it uses a wrong GIF format for Turok, at least in Win7)
  • Photoshop
  • Gimp (is free, only 20mb, look for it on google plz)
  • Or any other picture program, just test your existing if it works ;)
Figure out which *.gif file appears where ingame | Numbered Textures!
There are about 2670 Textures, so it might be hard to figure out which texture appears where ingame.

To make it easier for you, chrisr!k created 2 texturepacks with unique numbers on each texture.

So if you want to figure out for example a wall which has ingame number 2364, you just browse the extracted Images folder for the texture with that number.

And it's "TRIWALL9_0.gif" in this example. So you just replace that graphic, and ingame exactly that desired texture changed!

You can find the numbered texture packs at the updates page.

There are 2 numbered packs available, one with small numbers size, and one with normal numbers. The reason for that is, that sometimes the number isn't readable because the texture is mapped pretty weird on some objects ingame.

Transparent Graphics
Some Graphics need to be partly transparent (Fences, Plants, Flowers ...).

Since Turok doesn't accept transparency in GIFs, you need to use masks:

Example for a plant: (original graphic with mask)



Only the white spaces of the masks will be displayed in the game. The black is ignored
All Graphics which need masks already should have the mask gif inside of the agf already, if not, just add a file with the same filename + _MASK, like in the example.

NOT all textures accept masks, use only the existing masks!

How is the texture mapped on the object?
To figure out how a texture is mapped on a object, i recommend you tu use a file like this:

Save it to the desired name and recompile.

For example, the graphic saved as DM-AD-TORSO_0.gif will look ingame like this:

Now you should be able to figure out where in the graphic you have to place certain details, to make it look good ingame! ;)