AGF Compiler Manual (1/3)
Tab: AGF Compiler | What is it?
The AGF Compiler allows you to extract images of the Turok High Resolution (*.agf) file. You might edit them as you like, and pack them back to a new agf file, and your textures will be displayed in Turok!

You may create your own "TexturePart" file, aswell. Check it out here!

How to use?
It is very very important that you have the corresponding txt file to the agf file in the same folder!


First you need to extract the images of a *.agf file. Else you can't edit them of course.

Select at (1) "Extract images", at (2) select the *.agf file which you want to extract, and a folder where the extracted images should be saved. The files/folders you selected will be displayed at (3). After you finished that, click the "Extract" Button at (4), and the images will be extracted.
This might take a few seconds depending on the file size. Just hang out and wait until a messagebox pops up, telling you that the operation is done. (Looks like this: operation complete )

The folder of your images path should contain a huge amount of *.gif images now (depending on the agf size of course). (Looks like this: image folder )

In the Log(5) you'll be noticed about what's happening, for example it will tell you that the Unpacker is running, and if errors occured...


Works exactly like the Extractor, just select "Compile" at (1)!
The selected *.agf file will be new created, using the images which you've got in your selected images folder.

To keep a better overview of what you've already changed, put only your edited gifs into a new folder, and compile that folder to a new agf file. You can then just merge your new textures together with any other hires pack. (As described in the "Normal Manual", select a big texturepack as base then, and your small pack as additional).

If you save the new *.agf file in the TexturePacks folder of this program (in a subfolder maybe), then it'll be directly selectable in the program after compiling!

If you don't want to merge anything, just compile the new agf file to the HiRes/hires.agf of your Turok Directory, and you can check it then right when you click start game.

Information about the file format that turok accepts can be found here !

Extract only Parts of a big TexturePack
This is a feature i was thinking of, but it's not "finished", maybe in next version..
BUT how you can do it:

1. You have to do it in the Select Textures Tab
2. Let's imagine you want to extract only the weapon textures of "numbered texture pack"
3. Customize the selection of the numbered texture pack, where you select only all weapons. (like this)
4. Click start game (but no need to join a server, it's just that a new hires.agf in Hires folder of your Turok directory is created)
5. Start the dressingroom again
6. Extract the HiRes/hires.agf of your Turok Directory (with AGF Compiler, it should only contain the weapons textures of the numbered texture pack)!

Yea i know this way is a bit complicated, but still easier than figuring out the needed textures out of 2670 pictures!