Add a TexturePack
How to make a TexturePack appearing in the Program
Those 2 pictures below should show you how the DressingRoom folder is set up, and how the files of the folders are used in the Dressing Room program!

if you have got an other old HiRes folder which you want to use with this Program (or if you made a new one), setup the a new subfolder in the TexturePacks folder and put the HiRes.agf and HiRes.txt into that one, like in the image below.

Rename the HiRes.agf and HiRes.txt to the name which should be shown in the TexturePacks list of the DressingRoom. (!Both files, txt and agf MUST have the same name!)

You might create a info.txt with information about the texture pack, it'll be shown in the Information Text of the DressingRoom.

if you create a subfolder "preview", you might add as many preview pictures as you like, but name them like "preview_0.jpg , preview_1.jpg"
make sure you always increase the number +1!!
In the Program you can browse through those preview pictures, when clicking on the arrows below the Image!

Folder overview
Dressingroom overview