Turok 2 Dressing Room
What is this?
This Program allows you to partly select a bunch of textures of different Turok High Resolution Texture Packs.

So if you don't like the character textures of one pack, you might just deselect them, or overwrite them with the character textures of another Texture Pack.

With the AGF Compiler in v0.31 you may even create your own Textures!

This Program was created by Basber and chrisr!k.

For updates / TextureTacks / other downloads click here

If you find any bugs while using this Program, or you got some ideas on how to improve, please let me know: turok@ansage.net !

How to use
- 1 - Download the Dressing Room Program here
- 2 - Extract to any folder.
- 3 - Start the Turok2DressingRoom.exe
- 4 - If you don't understand how to use it (which might happen on first start, it's maybe a lil hard to understand in the beginning, but you'll get it pretty fast) Read the Manual !
Share your TexturePacks!
If you've created anything cool, you may share it with other players, so they can use your cool new textures, too!

Just send me a mail 'mr_manfish(at)hotmail.com' and i'll add your stuff to the updates page! (we might have to figure out a way how you send me your stuff, if it's too big for email attachment)